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Online ACA symposium: A theory of the tax power that justifies – and may have informed – the Chief Justice’s analysis

ACO – Accountable Care Organization – What is it all about

The Affordable Care Act: Helping Providers Help Patients — A Menu of Options for Improving Care

Obamacare Didn’t Completely Ignore Costs After All

A Supreme Court Health Wonk Review

A Guide to the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act Decision

Testing, Testing — The health-care bill has no master plan for curbing costs. Is that a bad thing? by Atul Gawande
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Harmonizing The ACA With State Tort And Licensure Systems And Hospital Peer Review


ACA – Accountable Care Act

Reading material from Coursera class

Week 6 – The ACA and access to health care (continued)

Week 6 – The ACA and cost control

See next week’s readings. Can start on them now.

Week 7 – The ACA and cost control (continued)

Week 8 – The ACA and health care delivery

Week 8 – The ACA and innovation

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