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Statistics and Probability Background

Statistics: Lecture Notes

Stats: Probability Rules
“I like to use what’s called a joint probability distribution. (Since disjoint means nothing in common, joint is what they have in common — so the values that go on the inside portion of the table are the intersections or “and”s of each pair of events).Marginal” is another word for totalsit’s called marginal because they appear in the margins.”

The UBC Calculus Online Homepage  — short intro

probability density
n. Statistics In both senses also called probability distribution.
1. A function whose integral over a given interval gives the probability that the values of a random variable will fall within the interval.
2. The calculated value of a probability density.

Chain Rule

John Sowa — mathamatical background — some useful presentations on probability and structured representation


Normal Distribution

<a href="“>Standard (Z) Score

Probability Density Function

Statistics – Bayesian Theorem, R, et al

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